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Welcome to happy2travelyou

Hello and welcome!

We are Robert and Simona-Roxana.
Happy2travelyou is the equivalent of a journey around the world seen through our eyes.
We love to travel and we travel the world whenever the opportunity arises because every place on the planet has its own magic and its own history.
We try to offer you experiences and images of the most beautiful and interesting places on Earth.
We like cities that vibrate with history and architecture, museums full of art, castles, and palaces that are a delight for the eyes through stunning gardens with fountains and exotic plants, but we also long for beaches with fine sand, sun and sea, chilling with cocktails and reading a book.
Fifteen years ago we boarded the train of life in two and since then we have enriched our souls with all the things that leave us speechless in every destination we reach.
We enjoy the differences of culture, people, customs, and enjoy traditional foods around the world.
We visited 30 countries so far, but our journey continues…
We are here to present the beauty of the world through our eyes and help you with useful information and tips for your holidays.

Happy2travelyou is a happy journey in which you can join us.

Stop for a moment and follow us, get inspired, pack your bags and escape!

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